Compiler Design 0612412

Instructor : Dr. Bilal Alqudah
Office: School of IT. 3rd floor, west wing

Preliminaries Required

Basic knowledge of programming languages. Basic knowledge of FSA and CFG. Knowledge of a high programming language for the programming assignments.


Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, and Jeffrey D. Ullman, “Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools” Addison-Wesley. 2nd version ...
parsing techniques, a practical guide,Authors: Grune, Dick, Jacobs, Ceriel J.H. ...

Course Description

This course introduces students to lexical and grammatical analysis along with the different processes related and the involved usual expressions. It also deals with free-context grammar, language analyst , up-down language analysis ,vectors interpretation, medium samples, data flow, compound units, sub-rout programs, symbolic charts , storing ,process time , error-correction, program optimization and a weekly three-hour practical course.


The following topics will be covered in this course:
* Overview of a compiler phases
* Lexical analysis
* Syntax analysis
* Semantic analysis
* Intermediate code generation
* Code generation


First Exam : 15%
Second Exam : 15%
Homeworks : 15%
Pop-quizzes : 5%
Final : 50%


0- Introduction
1- Lexical for more reading , download the more reading slids
context free grammar
2- set 2
3- set 3
4- set 4A
5- bottom up parser
left recursion
parese table


Download the follwoing word document for project requarements. our project is done in stages, so keep yourself updated ! Project Document


This web page provides four pre-defined examples of Finite State Machines

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